Soon with version 8.0! A complete studio to help developers to build a full application in few minutes.

The Module Builder tool is an embedded IDE and code generator to allow any developers to build a complete application including new objects, new permissions, new menus, news APIs, …

Set definition of new Objects you want to manage

Use the module builder tool to initialize your module. A skeleton with a working code will be generated.

Then use all the tools provided to you to set all features you need (menus, translations, permissions hooks, triggers, widgets, automated tasks…)


Your module is ready to be activated immediately and new features available inside your ERP in few minutes.

Set definition of new Objects you want to manage

Enter the name of your module and descriptions of each object, fields, and permissions you want to manage. The Module Builder will generate for you the code to add the new menu entries, screens to create, view and edit your objects to manage, but also SQL files, APIs interfaces, etc…

New menu entries, new tables, and a new screen will appear in real time in your application.

Activate and test your application, change the code on the fly

You can switch between your external IDE (like Eclipse or any PHP IDE) and the embedded IDE available in Module Builder to review and or complete generated code or your module without losing any code.

If you have permission, you can edit code, with the editor of your choice, even when your application is online and the test results will show immediately.

Build the package and generate documentation in one click

Use the package generator to build a zip of your module, ready to be distributed to any other instance. The package is also ready to be distributed or sold, as a new add-on, in marketplaces,

Use the documentation generator to build an HTML or PDF documentation with all technical information and business rules to provide to your users or IT partners without spending any time.