Create and send Quotations to your Leads, Customers or even old customers with no delay.

Create your Quote

Create your quote from your lead /customer sheet, or in one click by reusing a previous proposal.

Include predefined products to save you time, or enter full content manually.

If predefined fields don’t match your needs, add your own fields of any type (string, amount, date, checkbox, combo list, ) to the form.

Process your commercial proposal

The PDF of your proposal is automatically generated and updated.

Send your quote of a selection of quotes by Email directly from the application. Use your predefined email templates so you don’t have to type any text.

Depending on the modules/features you enabled, you can convert your proposal into an order (module order), a contract (module contract), intervention (module intervention), invoice (module invoice) or any combination of these. If the module margin is enabled, you can immediately have a look at the margin of your proposals.

Change status of your proposals into “Refused” or “Signed”. Your prospects are converted to customers automatically, as soon as a proposal is signed.

Follow status of your open commercial proposals

List and display all your quotes. Choose which information you want to see on your lists. Filter and sort them on any criteria.

Analise your performance

Use predefined statistics pages to get useful information about your company or your sales representative performance.


Export your Proposals with the Export module to reuse them with external tools, or connect directly your existing BI suite to the open database for Big Data analysis.