Allows your employee to make leave requests. Approve or refuse. Let the system increase automatically the balance of remaining holidays.

Set types of leaves and a monthly increase

Types of leaves can be personalized in dictionaries entering your own leave topics. In the dictionary, you can also set the automatic monthly increase for each leave.

It is also possible to set a delay that users will have to respect during request and leave.

Create a leave request

Give your employees the permission to create their own leave requests and let them input a type of leave, start and end dates and a supervisor. You can also write a short description.

Validate and send e-mail

Once a leave request is created, users can validate it. Validating a leave request automatically sends an e-mail to the user’s supervisor in charge of accepting the leave request.

Approve or refuse the leave request

As a supervisor, you will receive an e-mail including a direct link to the leave request card of your subordinate to accept it or not. Any decision made will be sent to the user informing him of the status of his request.

Or use the application menu to get a list of all pending leave requests waiting for approval.

Analyze leave requests

As an employee, consult the status of all your leave requests and your balance of remaining holidays.

As a Human Resources manager, update the balance of a dedicated user. List and filter all leave requests according to status, date, employee or any other property. Export or analyze statistics on all leave requests.