The ability to follow-up your Leads and Customers.

Create your leads or customers

Just enter the name of the third party and its type (Lead and/or customer) to create it in your database. A unique customer code reference will be automatically set according to your numbering rule.

Record any other data (email, address, language, tags…) to make a more accurate management of your third-party database. If predefined fields do not suit you, just create all the attributes you need with the type of your choice (string, amount, date, combo list, checkbox, …)

Attach any notes or files to your Lead /customer sheet.

If you have a lot of sales representatives, assign them to dedicated Lead or customers, so that you will be able to get statistics per sales representatives (Sales, Margins, Events).

Merge third parties to remove duplicated records.

Create alternative contacts/addresses

If you need to, you can create one or several alternative addresses for each of your lead or customer records (one record/address for the director, another one for his assistant, one for the delivery and one for legal service). Assign such contacts to any business document (commercial proposals, orders, etc) so that the correct name will automatically be set on generated PDF documents.

Set status and potential of your Lead

If you need to, set a contact status and a potential to your Lead. You can define the leads to become a customer/levels according to your need.

No need to spend the time to modify the lead status after a contract is done, just modify the status in one click from your list without opening the leads sheet.

Create and convert your Quotes, Commercial proposals, Sale Orders, Interventions, Invoices, …

Create rich documents using a WYSIWYG editor or reusing predefined products and prices, using a WYSIWYG editor or reusing predefined products and prices, according to the modules/features you enabled, like Quotes or Commercial proposals, Sales Orders, Interventions, Invoices, etc. Manage documents from dedicated menus or directly from the third party sheet. Your lead can be converted into customers automatically when a Quote or Commercial proposal is accepted.

Follow-up your leads, your customers

List and filter your database on any attributes, tags or status.

Send emails to your contacts directly from the application, using predefined emails templates.

Reuse your lead or customer database to send mass emails with the Mass emailing module

Export your database with the Export module to reuse your qualified record with other external tools.

Find all the events related to your lead and customers such as proposal creation, invoices validation… and many other events using the events recorded automatically according to the module Agenda settings.